Our Company

In 2014, Revenue Cycle Solutions was created by Michelle Davis. Michelle is CEO of RCS, is Six Sigma certified, and holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and Bachelors in Human Resources.


We provide a world­class experience and resources to maximize our customers’ allowable reimbursement. Our medical revenue management service puts power at our customers’ fingertips, no matter the practice size. We ‘plug’ the revenue leaks most practices don’t even know exist, instantly boosting monthly reimbursements.


Managing growth is a challenge most practices don’t excel at or manage well. By relying on our resources our customers and their staff can focus on what our customers do best—patient care.


Our customers gain agility to add patients, locations and additional providers without restrictive boundaries. Our goal is to assist with growing our customers’ profitability without the need for additional staff, equipment or software. With our detailed reporting and analytics, our customers are able to maintain complete control of their practice with total financial visibility, anytime, anywhere.


This unique service means our customers are always in close contact with those who do the work. Even our smallest customers have direct access to resources and vast experience like those of a large organization.


Our competitors simply can’t match this unique blend of personal attention and sophistication. We aim to maximize your allowable reimbursement. Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claims efficiently, and aggressively follow up on unpaid or non­adjudicated claims. Most practices can’t afford this level of sophistication, yet they continue to deal with the headaches and uncertainties of in­house billing and can’t match this level of sophistication.


RCM is what we do ­ so our customers can do what they do, more profitably.