Michelle Davis, CEO

Michelle has been in the medical field primarily in large physician practices for over 30 years and relocated from southern California to Nevada in 2002. Michelle, for her entire professional career, maintained a strong desire to start her own company to bring the sophistication and experience physicians deserve in Practice Administration and Revenue Cycle Management. Michelle, during her long and illustrious career became increasingly disenchanted seeing the “corporate norm”; a lack of dedication on the part of other "billing & management companies" to really be efficient and effective in their billing and collection procedures, while maintaining an eye on the bottom line for their customers. Michelle, having obtained her MBA in Healthcare Administration in 2012 from American Intercontinental University in Los Angeles, as well as obtaining her undergraduate degree in Human Resources in 2010 with a primary focus on marketing; now applies her skills and experience with customers of Revenue Cycle Solutions. Michelle is six sigma certified, a founding board member of the central California chapter of MGMA and active in our local Las Vegas chamber.

Pete Hacker, Administrator

Pete has been with Collection MD, LLC - Revenue Cycle Solutions since its inception in 2014. He is a valuable member of our management team and acts as the Administrator for Collection MD, LLC. Pete has provided management services for over 9 years in both the medical and retail fields. He is a graduate of Ed Clarke Magnet in Las Vegas. Pete received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 2013 from American Intercontinental University with a focus on Marketing. Pete is disciplined and a yellow belt six sigma and currently working on his green belt. In his free time Pete enjoys the outdoors and spends time with his girlfriend and his Jack Russell terrier “Jackie”.